The Weight Of Thanksgiving

Ask yourself why, when people already had normal weight loss with no diet, did almost everybody, in the late seventies and early eighties suddenly adopt one particular diet as a way of life? And how did they not notice they then began to get fat?

This problem with food can cause us to make unhealthy food choices that may affect our overall health and well being and even shorten our life. Weight gain around your midsection will increase your chances of developing a serious health condition.

We all cheat on our diets once in a while, but there’s a proper way to do it and an improper way to do it. The improper way is to go on a crazy binge and eat all the foods that you’re addicted to. food addiction is what made you fat. Why use a “cheat day” to binge? Instead, go for healthier options of the foods you love. Love Taco Bell? Why not make some burritos at home? Love soda? Drink some fruit juice. Addicted to StarBucks? Order regular coffee instead instead of those sugar-laden latte’s.

With an entire cable show dedicated to animal hoarding, it can be a serious and bizarre addiction. It is defined by Dr. Owen Kelly of as the desire to keep animals to the point where they become too much for the owner and a hazard to both people and pets alike. As many as 33 percent of the millions of people who compulsively hoard are thought to involve animals in the process.

Nutritionist Sandi Thompson – This certified nutritional therapy practitioner and certified wellness coach shares the seven pillars of good health and wellness, and discusses real food, easy meals and lots of nutrition tips.

The few people that lose weight easily are those hardy souls that have the ability to just tough it out. Just like smoking, some people can quit without any aids. If you fall into this category there’s no problem. But most of us don’t have this ability we try, and very often manage to complete the diet only to put it all back thereafter. So we try again and we fail again and so on and eventually we give up.

Next I will attempt to get my husband to try a one day food fast with me just to see if he can make it through one day. I pray that anyone who reads this will find that the 3 days of fasting from food will help them conquer their food addiction. Also again, please do check with your doctor first and tell him that you will be taking in plenty of liquids including natural juices but no refined sugar. God Bless you all!