Elections Have Consequences: What Obama Should Do About The Supreme Court

For anyone who’s attending a Renaissance or Medieval faire, the fun can be increased by having your own costume. Wearing street clothes to a faire is completely acceptable, but it often makes people feel as though they’re only tourists, watching what’s going on but never participating. A costume, or “garb” of your own can make you really feel like you fit in. If you want to experience a little bit of times gone by, here are some tips on choosing a costume for the faire.

Stevens sent a letter of retirement confirmation to Barack Obama. In the letter, according to News & Observer [2], the Associate Justice lines out a path of his successor by giving them an advanced notice. But who would be the liberal’s successor?

The SSC Stenographer Notification 2018 stated that local governments can still pass “reasonable” regulations that pertain to the ownership, storage, transport and use of firearms.

I don’t see any 0bama stickers on cars anymore. Americans – were your votes base on emotion or using correct judgment… Not I. I knew this yo-yo be trouble. He’s our first Muslim, bi-sexual president. Those who are…

Im 18 years old (female) and living with my younger brother (13) and my mother. i am paying rent to live here as a decriminalized adult but the room i have is approaching a box i cant even fit a bed or a wardrobe in…

PRAISE OUR LIVING AND ETERNAL FATHER. He is a Father to the fatherless, and the Defender of widows. (Psalm 65:5). He fought on behalf of the widow and gave her victory. In 1985 He called her home to come and have a well-deserved rest.

It is known that most house fires start from flying embers igniting litter in the spouting. Plugs for pops could be made a requirement for all homes in fire prone areas. To help insure that they are purchased maybe insurance companies could offer a discount to home owners who get plugs.